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Philippa Steinberg (Miriampippa) grew up in Hamburg, Germany. She found her passion for drawing in her early teens and began to self-teach, inspired by an online art community. For two years she created art videos on YouTube and sold self-made stickers and commissioned work over her online shop. Now she is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. Although she is intending to major in Biology, she is constantly searching for ways to combine art and science into one body of work. 
Her goal is to make science more accessible through art.

recent features
(Fall/2o20) - Covid-Illustrated SciComm Website
(Fall/2020) - Soustice Bay Area "Free Space" Zine

(02/07/20) - @soulsticebayarea, Oakland, CA
"Catch art not feelings" Art Showcase

Science Communications
(02/2020-present) - @Innovative Genomics Institute, Berkeley, CA
#SciArt Illustrations

UI Designer
(02/2020-present) - @Berkeley Invention Corps, UC Berkeley
Spring 21 - Chief Marketing Officer (Poster Design, outreach, recruitment)
Fall 2o Project SyGlass - Website Redesign (Team Lead)

Spring 20 Project Netic Health - Physical Therapy app


The Artist